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Want to find the best college that meets your academic needs and also provides a diving program that fits your ability level? Want a service that's dedicated to a diving programs specific needs? Look no further than Diver's To College, learn more here...

How to use the site

Searching for the right college and the right coach or diver can be overwhelming and learning a new tool can be as well. Learn how simple D2C is and learn more about how to best utilze the capability by visiting the here.

For Coaches

Divers to College is for High School, Club, and College Coaches. Select the sign-in above and select your role. Registration will allow you to communicate with the other registered high school and college coaches and let us communicate with you about your divers and diving related information.

For Athletes

There are many college athletic recruiting services available for high school athletes to choose from, but there's only one dedicated to divers and their specific needs. Asking the right questions is vital for divers to make the right decisions. Register today sign selecting sign-in or the button above.

Who We Are

Founded by Dr. Ron O'Brien...

Divers To College provides an opportunity for divers and coaches to participate in three phases of information exchange. This service is not just for High School seniors, but for all High School divers.

Dr. Ron O'Brien has been an instrumental in the development of Divers to College.

What We Do

Connect coaches to athletes and athletes to coaches.

  • Make contact with athletes
  • Find athletic and academic scholarships
  • Save time and athletic recruiting expenses
  • Find athletes you can work well with
  • Gain access to more than 200 college coaches
  • Select a coach that's compatible with you
  • Get access to online training

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  • "Divers To College is the vehicle which has enabled these deserving athletes to achieve something that may have been otherwise beyond their reach. "

    Head Coach, S.P. Club Diving
  • "Thank you for your help in assisting these young athletes in what can be an overwhelming college search. "

    J.W. - Parent
  • "Divers to College was directly responsible for my daughter receiving a scholarship."

    C.E. - Parent