Phase I.

Divers create a personal profile by answering questions and writing responses. This allows each athlete to paint a picture of their academic abilities, diving accomplishments and personal qualities. Coaches also complete a profile that includes a description of their college, professional background, experience and accomplishments, description of the diving facilities and team composition.

Phase II.

Each diver can attach a video of up to 10 minutes in length, of training or competition performance to the individual profile. The video can be periodically updated. This service eliminates the need to make multiple DVDs and send them to interested coaches, which can become expensive. Coaches can view the video online and download a program which will allow them to analyze the dives in slow motion.

Phase III.

It is important that an athlete and coach share similar approaches to the learning and teaching process. A very unique and valuable part of Divers to College is the ability to compare a diver's individual learning style with the particular teaching style of a coach. This is accomplished after divers complete the Learning Styles Inventory and validate their profile, and coaches complete the Teaching Styles Inventory and validate their profile. Then, individual divers and coaches can request a match up to assess their compatibility in their approach to the learning and teaching process. These diving specific inventories are not available anywhere else.

These inventories were developed by Coach O'Brien and Don Greene, Ph.D, who was the Sports Psychologist for the U.S. Olympic Diving Team. For more information on Dr. Greene and other athletic inventories, go to and

As you complete the three phases of Divers To College, both divers and coaches will be able to compare information.You'll be able to evaluate your compatibility with regard to demographics and type of college, the diving facility, team and training parameters, level of diving ability required and the potential for diver and coach to forge an effective training partnership.

Divers and coaches will be able to make informed and educated decisions regarding which match-ups are right for you. When you have arrived at these choices, you will want to begin the recruiting process with personal contact and communication as well as possible visits to the college.

Divers To College will provide the greatest opportunity for divers to find the right college/coach situation and coaches to find the right diver for their program. Not only is registration free for divers and coaches, but unlimited use of match-ups of the Learning and Teaching Styles Inventories is also at no charge.

Dr. Ron O’Brien
US Olympic Diving Coach

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